Spitting Into the Void

For some, a blog is a place to communicate with friends, with fans, or even post some petty shit about some random asshole who criticized them as they drank their Tentra Caramel Macchiato and used the free WiFi to write poems or write cryptic posts that all tangled together in a web of mess.

For me though, it’s something different. To me, this site is a place where I can scream all of my problems and all of my anxieties away, and no one will see. It’s quite therapeutic to write about everything troubling, then just post and watch as no one but myself reads it. It’s screaming into the void at its’ finest. And honestly, I love it. Even if I gain millions of followers and thousands of comments, it will still be screaming into the void for me. Because after all, it’s the internet, and everything eventually gets lost to the void.

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